I believe in quality, accurate and age appropriate education.  I support the right of parents to be informed of what is being taught to their children and their right to direct their children's education.  My passion is to make sure parents are respected, not persecuted for standing up for the rights of their children and not be subjected to revisionist history and misinformation about gender and sex.  Critical Race Theory has no place in our children's classrooms.  Children should not be bombarded with theories that blame some and denigrate others.  Children are given to parents by God not to school boards or governments.  

I support truth in education, reading, writing, math, civics and the sciences.  I do not support anything being taught to detract from actual facts or teaches hate for our country.

Public Safety

I believe we deserve to live in safe neighborhoods.  I support local law enforcement with adequate funding for training.  I support recognition of actaul criminal activity, prosecuting and not coddling of criminals and a return to respect and gratitude for out police, who have dedicated themselves to protect us and sometimes die for us.

Economic Security

Inflation from failed polices, high taxes and prohibitive mandates have threatened our economy and livelihoods.  Government should encourage business growth and free markets by eliminating cumbersome regulations and burdensome taxes.  I believe in less government spending and less government overreach into our lives. 

Sanctity of Life

I believe in the sanctity of life for the pre-born and the born.  I am opposed to abortion on demand and the use of taxpayer funds to pay for them.  I am against abortion and infanticide.  Adoption is a loving alternative to abortion.  I want to change our reputation for killing babies and work to make Minnesota a safe place for babies.